ROI Coaching Solutions Specializes in Business Performance Coaching from the Top Down

We live in economic times where opportunities abound for those who consistently do the right things.  It's like brick's and morter, their the foundation of any business.  The question is always...what are those "right" things and how do we consistently execute?  

Our clients might ask why we're not slanting this towards the incredible reputation we've established in the financial industry but even that success is based on our passion to inspire the entrepreneurial spirit in business owners. Most service professionals, especially in the financial industry, come from successful careers as marketers, producers, sales people, management or some 'technician' role in the business.  Consequently, one of the foundational "bricks" of any business is strong leadership, starting with the owner(s).  

Peter Drucker, one of the leadership gurus of our time, said "Success in the knowledge economy comes to thoes who know themselves, their strengths, their vaues, and how they best perform."  If you're experience with coaching was tied to implimenting what we call a 'defined deliverable' like software, systems and processes, your "coach" was likely a trainer trying to coach.  Our core competency is coaching individuals, specificially business owners and leaders, to be their best contributing maximum value to the business. 

From a foundation of strong leadership, we create quantum leaps by consistently doing the right things.  Those right things are duplicatable across most businesses but we have particularly refined them within the  financial and professional services industries. 

ROI Coaching Solutions is a boutique coaching consultancy offering tailored coaching solutions to privately held business owners and executives looking to make some great things happen and achieve a compelling vision.  Our objective is clear...RESULTS!

Top Down Approach

Organizations don't succeed, people do.  And when people succeed individually, the company succeeds as a result.  People are the key to success, period.  Our coaching process starts with assessing the leadership...how they think and behave.  Then we assess the team dynamics, roles, responisbilities and alignement of goals.  At the same time, we assess the business to idenitfy it's strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats.  From the intial assessments, we formulate a plan to leverage strengths and opportunities while mitigating risks and managing potential weaknesses.

More specifically, the coaching track starts with strengthening leadership and putting together a powerful yet simple business plan that leverages the best of current and new strategies to achieve results.  With clear direction and :

  • Leadership Development & Vision Casting
  • Team Development & Alignment
  • Business Planning & Execution
  • Marketing & Sales Growth Strategies
  • Operational Efficiencies
  • Client Retention & Referrals
  • Succession & Legacy

Our cutting edge programs, methods, technologies and expertise are masterfully integrated to increase awareness, establish a focused plan, execute with excellence, achieve RESULTS and create a habit of continuous improvement.  So what does this all mean for you and your company? It means you have a powerful partner in ROI Coaching Solutions, working with you and your company to empower every individual to reach his or her highest potential which makes it possible for the team and business to achieve theirs.  It's the business model everyone dreams of, but rarely achieves on their own.

Let us demonstrate to you the ROI Coaching Solutions advantage. Take arguably the shortest, most insightful and intriguing assessment you've ever taken to see how to leverage your THINKING strenghts based on scientifically measuring the way you make judgements.  If we sound like a possible fit for you, take the MindScan and we'll schedule a time to talk about your situation, review the assessment and demonstrate how our individual approach creates exponential team results.  

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What clients are saying...

Ria C.
Director of Suitability and Compliance

"Todd has a knack for really listening and getting to the heart of an issue. He has an empowering way of helping you overcome any professional or personal obstacles in order to stay focused on what matters most." Read more...

Dan Tucker
Vice President of Life Sales at Partners Advantage Insurance Services

"Todd's work with our senior leaders and sales teams over the years has made a measurable impact on our company's revenues. He sees the best in people..." Read more...

Scott Tietz
CEO of Partners Advantage

"I have worked closely with Todd and he has also worked closely with many of our staff and he is one of the best coaches that I have ever met. Time with him has been priceless and he..." Read more...

Nathan Bergeland
CEO, US Advisors Financial Group

"Todd is an action oriented coach that gets results for his clients. I have referred Todd on numerous occasions and always..." Read more...

Gregory M. Cash
Managing Director-Investments

"Todd took the time to understand our business model, understand where he could add value, and then made sure to hold all 12 team members accountable to meeting deadlines. He is very thorough..." Read more...